Friday, April 28, 2017

After the party

The village has returned to normal today. Ceremony is almost over...a few loose ends remain to be done. Eighteen months from now, they do it again.

Fiddling with faces of villagers I liked this effect.

Here's the offering we've had on our doorstep today. Wayan puts dozens around the property.

Waiting for a ride to Ubud for Babi Guling.

Here's how our take away box looked. The pork was not as good as we remembered.

The shrimp appetizer we had last night was pretty good..shrimp, mozzarella, beet, gazpacho sauce.

Apple tart tonight was excellent. We enjoyed it in an unusual place...a couple of pyramids for sound therapy opening tomorrow. Pyramids of Chi.

The sky was reflected in the lily pad pool.

These structures sit in a rice field.

They're down to the final details before the opening party tomorrow. Too bad we're leaving..I'd like to hear the gongs bonging.

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  1. I love the looks of the pyramids. That's where the parties will be held? Pretty cool. Too bad you're missing it.