Sunday, April 02, 2017

Bali Again

One of the many aspects of Bali culture I've always admired is the Balinese believe a person isn't wholly human unless he or she is involved in an artistic endeavor of some kind: music, sculpture, dancing, art. As we're going to Bali again, I've started to hear gamelan music instead of tinnitus and wish I had some artistic talent. 

The Rijksmuseum has a studio club thing where you can download very high-quality images of almost anything in the museum and do with them what you will. So I ran this photo of a splendiferous piece of porcelain through the Lunapic app, but nothing compares to the original. 
Blue Macaw, Meissener

I've done this before a few times but never tire of the comparison between Nadia and The Girl......

When I saw this Japanese crow painting I remembered the photo I took of Richard in Bali. It was in a hole-in-the-wall place run by an Australian. The food was terrible but we rather liked the murals.
There's a world of difference aesthetically between the Japanese crow and the Balinese-Australian crow but I like them both.

Crow on a snowy tree branch by Ohara Koson
Crow and hamburger, Candidasa, Bali
Threatened Swan by Jan Asselijn 1640. Hamburger added by me—2017.

Heron and Hamburger mural - Bali, Candidasa

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