Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kitchen Granite

Granite day yesterday. The installer was sick as dog yet dragged himself to the job because I threw a fit on Friday when they didn't show up - I had rearranged my schedule and put off a meeting until Monday. Didn't call, didn't show. Then they tell me they are coming on Monday. Foiled again. Frustration from months and months of this routine finally bubbled over and I did a shrieker into the ear of our kitchen guy. I felt terrible for this poor 
sick man on Monday, but the shrieking really does works - he didn't dare call and cancel. I suffer in the aftermath of this kind of loathsome behavior - the adrenalin production is exhausting and the Canadian side of me suffers for failing at the polite approach. However, if I hadn't shrieked, he wouldn't have come; we would have been pushed down the list and as is typical with these people. we wouldn't be rescheduled first. We'd be put at the end of the list again and some other shrieker would be first place. 
Ah, the construction business...always so elevating.  

One of our bathroom faucet sets is missing in action. We've lost very little over the course of the construction. A few tools, a ladder -  but when you consider all the people who've been trooping through we've done pretty well. 

Another development in the "doesn't fit department" - our fire clay sink is too big for it's britches. The space is off by a 1/16th of an inch and the cabinet guys want the granite guys to "force it in". They won't do it because they're afraid it might crack, either now or horror of horrors, later. We have a summit meeting on Wednesday when they will gather round and decide if they have to rebuild the cabinet or not. Included in the sink installation instructions is a paragraph in red, bold type explaining that these sinks are all slightly different and that the cabinet should be built to the precise measurement of the specific sink. Naively, I thought they knew what they were doing. Before the cabinet installation, our kitchen guys insisted we have all the appliances in the house ready to go. They've been sitting there since before Christmas and they hadn't looked at the hood or the sink - before building the boxes. The cooktop is unpacked and I'm anticipating more trouble/challenges ahead.


  1. Anonymous11:22 AM

    the granite looks beautiful. I can't image you shrieking. what a headache about the sink and cabinets. you're going to really need that trip!

  2. The granite people were also surprised at the shriek. I hate to resort to that but you know how construction people can be....the squeaky wheel... or in this case the shrieking wheel. They stood me up again yesterday but I've used up my shrieks for the year.