Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mr. Olive Head

Thursday and Friday were spent up at the studio with Shari and Richard the photographer. Quality of our subject product has improved considerably and we found it easier to make everything look good. There are always breaks between bouts of frenzied activity and on Friday, Mr. Olive Head (no relation to Edith) showed up to pay a visit. No dead flies were available and so he reluctantly agreed to pose for a picture. I think he should see an opthamologist because his right eye looks pretty bad and as you can see, we couldn't get him to smile no matter how hard we tried.

Richard was in a great mood and we all had a lot of fun while getting much done. This salad gave us a bit of trouble as it tended to compact as it sat under the lights.  Richard who is looking like Mr. T in the rear view is fluffing it up.


  1. You're kind of making me miss the fun of photo styling.

  2. I'm really just a pair of extra hands on this job...but it
    feels good to be working at something that doesn't involve dry wall and where there's an actual accomplishment at the end of the day.