Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Bloggers Block

At last my bloggers block appears to be lifting. After a month of daily hyper stimulation, moving around, viewing different sights and virtually giving ZERO thought to home and hearth, my brain was stuck on the "looking outward" setting and getting all the stimulation it could handle from the environment. I think you  have to be "looking inward" for blogging.

Slowly, I'm getting the itch to write things down - hopefully most of my thoughts on our travels haven't evaporated, the old memory being hardly a steel trap anymore. A stainless steel colander would be a more apt description.

Traveling around at a fairly good clip also fosters ADD. We think we bit off more than we could chew with this last schedule. You need some time to sit and think between bursts of frenzied activity or else it all gets to be a high speed blur. 

Years ago, I traveled in Europe for almost six months never staying longer than two nights in one spot. At that age, I was able to handle the stress. And I was actually working at the same time, doing new product searches for my ex-employer which required that I find a post office and navigate foreign postal systems once a week. This was before the days of Federal Express. 

Next vacation we'll be going at a more leisurely pace. Three days "on" and three days "off". Maybe my brain won't get so fried.   

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