Friday, June 25, 2010

Costco Ideas

A lady in front of me in the line at Costco bought a bathing suit. It was on a plastic woman's body, sort of a half shell arrangement. The body looked like it was blow molded out of acrylic. The cashier picked the body off the belt, scanned the suit and tossed the body into the cart.

Got me wondering what you could do with something like that:
1. paint it so that it looked like a naked body, glue it to a shirt and wear it for a flasher costume
2. cold days at the beach you could bake under it in the sun
3. acquire a group of them, paint them naked and float them in your pool
4. use it on a buffet line to "lift and separate" certain items

I'm not a fanatic about over-packaging but this seemed excessive even to me.

Got a good tip from an avuncular guy standing at a table in the wine section with an array of Chilean wines. He was alone because they can't serve samples of wine. People push by quickly to get to the sausage samples on the next aisle. I tried to tiptoe by him to get a bottle off the rack, but he spotted me and we got into a discussion of malbec and bottling "under silver" as the Australians have named the screw cap. I complained about Richard and I only drinking a half bottle of wine and struggling with the re-corking. He suggested using an empty screw cap bottle for storage of a half-drunk bottle. Brilliant idea. 

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  1. I have one of these plastic busts. (used for photography- didn't work!)
    You're welcome to it if you want to try any of your great ideas. I've always said I have one of just about anything. I guess this proves it.