Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Online relationships

I've found a new bunch of relatives online. It started with a cousin I found through a painting on Etsy of Letellier Manitoba where my grandparents lived.

Larane, the artist, it turned out, is a second cousin. She has now put me in touch with another second cousin who has tons of information about the family. I learned this morning that both sides on my paternal grandmother's side came to Canada in the 1600's. We thought they were much newer arrivals. Also on this side are descendants from an aristocratic French family the Douaire de Bondy. What a surprise! I was proud of my 100% peasant stock. On old maps of Ireland, almost every family has some kind of title. Not mine.....worker bees for centuries. No status, no wealth. Now I find there could be an aristocratic gene lurking? Is there a cure? Some kind of purge?

My grandmother Pulcherie Lemire Fortier is on the right. The cousin I found online is the grand daughter of the woman in the front, right, Alexas Lemire Jutras. I have a feeling I may be able to connect with the offspring of the rest of the great aunts.

My grandmother lived to 101. Here are two pictures of her, one as a girl and one on her 100th birthday.

Yesterday I heard that 20% of relationships now begin online. I wonder if there are any stats for people over 50 because I know there is at least a strong trend in this direction just based on my personal experience.  In my cul-de-sac, three out of four of us (all over 50) met our new partners online. All independently - nobody ran around the neighborhood shouting that they were having success on We found out accidentally while comparing notes at a party. Now, we have been encouraging the last remaining single person to give it a whirl.


  1. That's fascinating about your family...but even more fascinating about your cul de sac. I'll still like you even though you're not a peasant but please don't make me join

  2. Yes it's like my cul de sac was infected. Everybody got divorced at about the same time and then everybody got re-married. It's either cursed or blessed depending on your point of view.

    Thanks for keeping me on the good list despite the tiny detour from peasanthood.