Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Great french fries

Sunday was gorgeous in La Jolla where I went furniture shopping at the La Jolla Village Center mall. The parking lot was full and it took a while to find a space - you'd guess the economy is booming.  Just inside the entrance to the complex, there's a currency exchange booth. Hmmmm....maybe these are mostly tourists?

The black antiqued bench and a couple of pots were pretty good finds. The heavily distressed and aged coffee table/bench might be a little too much for the spot I have in mind.

About 1:30 my monthly craving for french fries hit with a vengeance. The food court is loaded with Asian fast food places and I actually had to search for french fries. Finally I finally located them at Steak Express. And boy, were they great! I watched them drag out a grey plastic garbage pail full of giant Burbank Russetts, cut them on the spot with their french fry cutting machine and pop them straight into the fryer. Glistening, hot and slightly browned with crispy edges but a potatoey interior and with the ideal level of greasiness, they were perfect with malt vinegar and lots of salt. I enjoyed them immensely while watching the ice skaters whirling and twirling below. 


  1. I love, love love the bench. I like the pot. Not sure about the coffee table/chest. I like it but it seems a little big. In case you wanted my opinion. Oh, and the french fries---I know I would LOVE them.

  2. Anonymous11:51 AM

    yes, i concur with barbara. the bench and vase are great. the trunk not so great. wow those french fries look delicious. we're headed to Nessyburgers for lunch today. we'll see if their french fries are as tasty.

  3. It's really helpful to hear your opinion. I get so off-base sometimes - too much looking and you lose perspective.

  4. When I was in Berkeley I picked up a bunch of Marin dry farmed potato varieties including the french, a supposed great variety. Want to try growing a few?