Monday, August 23, 2010

No more arias

We went to an acoustic neuroma support group meeting yesterday. It was graciously hosted by one of the local acoustic neuromas societies members with a potluck at his lovely home in Bird Rock in La Jolla. We rang the doorbell several times and nobody answered. Figuring we'd screwed up somehow, we turned around and were walking back to the car when the host came to the door. Of course...he couldn't hear the doorbell!!!

All of us acoustic neuromists were walking around like crabs, trying to present our hearing ears to each other. It's really funny and we all laugh about it - staggering into each other, bumping the doorways etc. There's something warming about being in a group who all experience the same things. Most of the people there have had "real" surgery as opposed to radiation. None had facial nerve problems or bad outcomes. 

Richard enjoyed talking with the family members who share the misery of having to repeat everything twice and scream  (sometimes) to be heard. Everyone there expressed the same frustration over trying to eat with a group in a noisy restaurant. Marty and Shelly do what we do - sit side by side and position ourselves so that the hearing ear is on the spousal side. Shelly told me she taps Marty on the shoulder to get his attention and then makes sure he's looking at her before she speaks.  

Ironically, the host of the event had been an opera singer and another one of the attendees was a piano tuner. Loss of hearing was more serious for both of them than for me. Interestingly, they both still enjoy music, which I do not. I can't sing anymore sounds strange to me, so I don't do it. No more arias but that's no loss to the world. 

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  1. I sure hear you about the loud restaurants. There must be someplace somewhere to have a meal AND a conversation! Let's find one and go there.