Tuesday, August 31, 2010

SUV - CATastrophic problem

I'm afraid that starter has to be replaced.

Buster's been working on the 90,000 mile check-up of our SUV. It's taken him a few days but he's very thorough and able to get into the smallest places. Unlike most mechanics you rarely hear him curse or swear - he never hits his knuckles with a wrench. Other than the occasional tuft of red hair, you'd never know he was working on the vehicle all day. 


  1. What a wonderful mechanic. My car needs a check up. Can I make an appointment?
    My cats get into some pretty weird places- but that one is truly unique!
    What are they thinking? Why do they do it? One of my cats has been hanging out in the bathroom sink. Just recently she changed to a hatbox, just barely big enough to contain her curled up body.

  2. Buster loves the car, in particular the dashboard. I wish I knew what makes them tick. The sink was probably cool? but oh so hard and uncomfortable. I guess they feel safe in a little circle shape.

    Is there a cat in the hatbox book?

  3. Anonymous11:53 AM

    that's hilarious. at first i thought it was a fox hiding in your car until i read the blog. it's not a fox, but a mechanic!