Thursday, September 16, 2010

Fun with Macy's

The people at Macy's are so nice. They've delivered a nightstand three times and have scheduled a fourth. The night stands, made in Indonesia, have obviously been constructed out of poorly dried wood and the veneer cracks. Three night stands - three kinds of cracking. The delivery guys tell me they've taken almost every one back. 

The first delivery was a sofa and chair - it was the wrong color and a nightstand veneer was crackled and peeling. We accepted a bed and one nightstand. Second delivery - right couch and chair, but the replacement nightstand was worse than the one we had. Third delivery - a couch, a chair and an ottoman - wrong color and of course, we had already received the couch and chair we wanted. Third nightstand, just as bad as the others.

Indefatigable, they are trying again. I offered to accept the last one delivered and just touch it up myself, but they tell me if you "fix" it yourself, the warranty is voided. So why should I bother? What will we get this time? I hope it's something we can use and we've decided we'll keep it and let Macy's sort it out. 

They have marvelous friendly people at customer service. Great congenial people who keep trying and trying, but why can't somebody open up the box and check the thing out before they drive from LA to Fallbrook - two guys and a big truck?  

We have another delivery scheduled at the end of September. 


  1. how totally frustrating. do you think you'll ever order anything from macy's again?
    good thing the people are nice or you'd really be going nuts.

  2. Yes, I am ordering again. Can you believe it? They have financially compensated us for the item as in we are getting it free. Talk about turning around an impossible situation...they were so nice about everything that I'm going back for more.