Tuesday, September 28, 2010

My Meme Contribution

Lest my few readers think I've gone over the edge to total self absorption, I was invited to create a meme - which in this case is a list of 7 things people may not know about you.

  • Some of my worst, most embarrassing moments happened while attempting to dance - even worse when under the influence. There was that "native dance" in Tahiti after a quart of Mai Tai, a similar dance in Greece after copious amounts of ouzo consumed with my friend, stumbling around in an attempted foxtrot with my ex and his size 15's, watching my friend (same one with the ouzo) remove her blouse and attempt a watusi, being thrown twirled tangoed mamboed spun jived swooped and stomped on by various well-meaning and happy, but hopelessly clumsy husbands, co-workers, brothers-in-law and dates over the decades. Without a doubt, the best dance partner I ever had was my sister - we could execute an almost flawless polka together. 
  • My happiest times have involved a suitcase. Needs no explanation. 
  • Procrastination is my worst enemy. If there's a deadline, I organize my time so I'm bumping up against it.
  • I've learned to avoid routine. Although my mother was slavish to it - we'd eat at 5:00 on the dot, I learned that I was more creative, thought faster and better outside of the familiar. In college, I studied in a public library in the seat nearest the door so that noise was unexpected and unpredictable. My brain works best when patterns are disturbed and it is moderately agitated. A little adrenaline thrown into the mix helps when an idea is wanting. 
  • I like assembling things - lamps, Ikea bookcases, BBQ's and reading instruction books. 
  • I like diversity in people and enjoy the company of many people who could barely stand to be in the same room with each other. 
  • Making a buck lights me up. 


  1. That was great. It did just what I suppose memes are supposed to do. Now I know you a little better than I did before...and still like you, maybe even better!
    When I did mine I forgot the surprising part. I don't think I said anything anyone didn't know- but wait...some people don't know me!

  2. I tried to put this off until the last minute but then I realized there wasn't any last minute! I'm so happy you still like me even though I freeze up on the dance floor. I still like you too despite the revelations:)