Thursday, September 16, 2010


Higinio, our favorite (and only) welder talked us into a fireplace screen and some window deco. He's a pretty good salesman and gave us an excellent price because, like most of us,  he has little work and expects only to make his wages on a job. No profit. Welcome to the club.

Yesterday he made a template of our beehive fireplace opening. It's torqued just like my back.  Some fancy iron bending is needed to make doors that cover the opening and look OK. Wish the same could be done for my back. 

His shop (he calls it his studio) is in his back yard. I guess the neighbors don't complain - even though he has screaming saws, roaring forges and blacksmith sounds - hammers pounding metal - going on day and night.

A nice guy - I like him even though I think he doesn't like me very much - I seem to be the one who does the nit picking. He has a great work ethic, is pretty creative and in these tough times, I admire the way he "sold" us some work. There's no grass growing under his feet.

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