Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Pass the sandwiches

The grim reality of aging was rammed home again today as I visited the beauty salon to see if I could be rescued from bag-lady-hood once again. Sitting in front of those huge mirrors can be distressing but today was a positive experience. The beauty operator parted my hair down the middle and clipped it with two clips, one on either side of my head. I'd looked away while she completed this operation and when I glanced back at myself I burst into laughter because I looked just like Dagwood!! I guess that's why they call them "beauty operators".

The young stylist/operator did not know who Dagwood was; I'm sure she thought I was half dotty sitting there, chortling away to myself. Viva la generation gap.

At the Apple store earlier, I was getting help downloading a book. The young "genius" said, "Sometimes these apps stick. Let's try downloading something free - that will often unplug the system." She chose "Hurry Back to School". I told her I'd been dying to read that anyway. She laughed out loud..which really surprised me. With a young high-tech audience, such remarks usually fall on deaf ears. She came back with something really funny. I wanted to adopt her immediately.

Image from Dagwood's Sandwich Shops
Over the past few months I've felt I was beginning to look like Richard Burton. Things are looking up! If you had to choose between RB or Dagwood to spend the night with, who would you pick? The downside is that contemplation of my Dagwood countenance raised a mighty hunger in me.  I could hardly wait to get home, slap together a twenty layer sandwich, then take a nap on the couch. ZZZZZZZZZZZZ


  1. I'd pick Richard Burton.
    Is this a test?

  2. I'd pick Richard Burton too, he would be more interesting.