Saturday, February 19, 2011


A few jasmine blooms

Wall of jasmine ready to bloom

Friday morning, frost and fog

The angry fire stick

The huge jasmine started out in a 1 quart container about eight years ago. What a return on investment!
Our high water bills have made succulents look more and more attractive to me. I repotted some firestick last week and didn't realize that it contains a toxin that can cause serious reactions. A couple of hours after handling it, both hands were swollen and itchy red lesions appeared. I woke up in the middle of the night trying to scratch both hands at once. Don't touch these things without gloves!!
From the garden web:
Firestick succulent (Euphorbia tirucalli) is a showy plant that features a tangled mass of orange-red branches as thick as pencils, hence the name. Also called pencil cactus or pencil tree, it grows as an accent outdoor shrub or a container patio plant that spruces up the spot. The branches form a striking contrast against the background so the plant stands out and draws attention. The firestick contains a toxic white sap that causes serious skin allergies, which is why utmost care during handling is essential.


  1. I don't usually like succulents, leaning more towards the English garden, lush type of look. I must admit, though, some succulents are beautiful. I guess I'll go back to my old opinion now that I find that some are also angry.

  2. Your jasmine is amazing! I also have one on my terrace, but it's still sleeping...
    And thanks for the warning, I never heard of that danger!

  3. Dona...the jasmine will be covered with blooms in a couple of days. I'll post another picture.