Monday, February 14, 2011

Midnight at the oasis

Kissing a Bedouin at the Bagdad Cafe
Today, the day for sweethearts, I recalled some of the really unusual kisses I've been lucky enough to receive or to give. Here's one of them. So it wasn't exactly "Midnight at the Oasis" - more like mid-afternoon and we were at the Bagdad cafe - sort of an oasis.  Granted, he wasn't a real guy, but there's a lot to be said for the strong, silent type. The setting was indisputably glorious and this is a close to kissing a Bedouin as I want to get. 

The Bagdad Cafe is about 150 km from Iraq. Named after the film, it started as a rest stop for truck drivers hauling supplies through the desert to Iraq. Now it's an off-the-beaten path sort of weird tourist attraction. The stuffed guy is this desert's equivalent to a giant ball of string - designed to stop traffic and separate tourists from their moola. 

Most of the Bedouin I encountered in Syria and Jordan were not as pasty in complexion as my guy above. He seems to have used too much sun block. Bedouin usually have lovely tan colored skin and many of the men still use Kohl on their eyes which gives them a dusky, heavy-lidded Rudolph Valentino look. In their own milieu, dashing across the desert on camels, jeeps or dune buggies, they bristle with virility.

They're wonderful to admire from afar. 


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  1. from your description - i think i'd like to kiss a bedouin - especially the part about the kohl around the eyes. very sexy.