Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cyber dog?

I've never been very good at selecting a dog. You can't learn it - either you've got dog intuition or you don't. I don't. Decades ago I went to a breeder to purchase a miniature poodle.  I watched four or five puppies run around and interact (or not) with me. The puppy I selected was active, curious and energetic. We got into the car to go home - she crawled into my lap and fell asleep. Sleeping in my lap turned out to be her favorite activity. Never again was she active, curious or energetic. She was a total couch potato and I was had. As it turned out she was a lovely pet although slightly smarter than me. Despite the difference, we had many happy years together. 

The cats are ever more worried.

The latest suggestion is a plain old gif cyber dog. They run, jump, slobber and eat right on the page - alive on the computer only. No clean up, no problems. 

They query, "What if we end up with some over-enthusiastic fellow brimming over with joie de vivre,  like this? As it is we can simply delete him".  Do it please. 

Or you might pick a perpetually happy dog -  we wouldn't have mood swings to deal with. But that tail wagging? for eternity?

A snoozing dog might be easy to take.... but there's snoring and they flop all over the place. Competition for the meager bed space.

Working dogs can be a pain. Keeping them busy is a real job!

Consider that cyber dogs don't have fleas!!!

Listen up. Avoid a "Ham" dog at all cost - unbearable for cats at our level of sophistication. These dogs will do anything for attention. We had a friend with a dog like this. but he didn't have a hat.

Please, please don't pick a cornball  "laughs at his own jokes" dog.
No over-achiever types either. They never rest until they figure out a more dramatic way to do everything. Make everybody else look bad. 

We cats have dibs on worrying. We do not need a seriously worried dog...always begging and pleading for something. 

 And yuck, the macho dog, - worst of all.

We, the cats vote for this very clever hitch-hiking dog. Maybe he'll catch a ride to some other blog.

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