Friday, April 29, 2011

Dancing with Yo-Yo Ma

We have a young Serbian friend enrolled in the dance program at Shenandoah University. He sends interesting dance videos - here's a recent one. Viewed more than a million times on youtube, it's apparently pleased a huge audience. I tried a few of the moves but my ankles aren't tough enough!!

Dance instruction at the University level interested me - I had no idea what kind of studies such a program would include. At various Universities and Conservatories you can study for a Bachelor of Music, Master of music, Artists Degree in Performance, Doctor of Musical Arts. There are probably 20 more degrees possible. Some of the classes in these programs cover subjects such as Partnering, Dance Composition, Elements of Performing, Anatomy, Acting for Dancers, Voice for Dancers and something called Alexandering.

From the Complete Alexandering Technique Website: Aficionados say that the Alexander Technique is "the technique under all techniques," because it is a process of embodied thinking, sensing, and acting. Through studying the Alexander Technique, dancers can move with greater ease, poise, and accomplishment, regardless of the movement style. The Technique involves three pivotal arms of training coordination developed by F.M. Alexander: the "Means-Whereby," "Inhibition," and"Direction." The Means-Whereby helps dancers pay attention to their whole Self as they are moving. By paying attention to how you are moving -- as you move -- process takes precedence over product. The process of learning or performing movement becomes more important than the goal. Movement becomes freer when dancers focus on sensing the changing relationships of the moving body, not just on positions or steps.

I wonder if you can teach what L'il Buck has.


  1. Wow! Wonderful! What a great couple they make. Too fun!
    By the the new flower!

  2. Buck puts michael jackson's moon walking to shame. Truly amazing.