Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Family Reunion 2011

There was a bloodless coup at the family reunion this year. We were shocked to walk into our cousin's kitchen in Nipomo to find the "next" generation hard at work, seasoning meat and making side dishes. This was the year for the baton pass...the younger ones are taking over the big BBQ and they did a fine job with just a little assistance from the cheap seats.
Prepping for the Q

Catching up, discussing the issues

Tri Tip and Chicken in progress

Father and daughter - passing of the tongs
It's always a wonderful event. Two new tiny people joined the tribe recently; one is too small to travel, the other only a couple of months.
Youngest family member, Rowan - too young to travel so he didn't make it this year.

Second youngest family member, Travis - a happy little guy

There are plenty of youngsters on hand  to keep the energy level high,  ranging in age from toddlers to teens. Dogs weave their way in and out of the crowd, watching the BBQ with great concentration.
Goldie - dog extraordinaire


Decorative oregano in Marianne's garden

Marianne, Master Gardener

After the big evening feed, everyone overnights in various places and re-congregates at cousin's Bob and Mariannes Pretty Penny vineyard in Paso for pizza and more talk. Marianne, master gardener, is constantly at work on her garden canvas, adding plants, changing pots with fantastic results.


On our way home we usually stop at Ranch 99 off the 60 Freeway and buy egg custards from the Chinese bakery. They bake them off all day and no matter what time we arrive, the tarts are always just out of the oven. I glanced over to the cake case and saw this magnificent mango thing...not that the whole cake would be very appealing - too much icing and glaze and goo, but the sliced mangoes are amazing. They're perfect and as anyone who's ever sliced a mango knows, not easy to accomplish. The mangoes have got to be the same size, the same perfect state of ripeness and the slicer has to have an eye to keep the consistent size and work around the pesky pit to keep slices intact.

Egg Tarts

Mango Cake


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    oh, i want one of those tarts really bad. But I'd also pass on the mango cake - altho it is really amazing.

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