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Two Million Applications

Entrance to El Bulli (
Two million people applied for reservations for Adria Ferran's El Bulli last supper July 30th. Talk about quitting while you're ahead!

El Bulli

El Bulli recipe catalog 

From "The Guardian",

"I never said I wouldn't feed people," Adrià smiles when I ask what he will miss when he closes his door at the end of this, his last season. "After July, El Bulli won't be a restaurant, not open every day. But I will still need feedback." Adrià's plan is for a nonprofit centre for "culinary creativity" opening in 2014, with a stream of new recipes posted on the internet. "We are excited," he says through an interpreter (Adrià doesn't trust his English to be precise enough for our purposes). "Bulli has always been about change. Why does Madonna with all her money need to earn more? She could share, not her money but her creativity. The young share, and we at the top should, too.

"When we started there were eight of us, all bachelors; now we have families, kids. I don't have children but I am very happily married, with a wonderful wife. With the foundation I can give something back – my talent, my luck. I have created 1,846 dishes – 80 per cent of new cookery techniques come from here – but no one can be number one for ever. Even those that love us get tired" – though this may be news to the two million people who desperately tried to book when the news of El Bulli's closure was announced.

"I will be 50 soon, with maybe 25-30 years left," he laughs. "I want to be happy like I have always been, and I can do this  by taking away the things I don't like. Do what I want, when I want, for who I want."

Chef Ferran will now be establishing a kind of think tank for food. From the El Bulli web site, here are a couple of views of the envisioned space. Personally my best ideas about food were inspired by being surrounded by food - aromas, textures, colors, kitchen activities. Sitting in this spare space, sort of like the inside of a gourd, staring at a screen doesn't turn me on - but I'm sure I don't have to worry about getting an invitation.  Ferran is an acknowledged genius - I'm sure there's more to this than meets my eye.
Exterior of the gourd-like structure

Cave like interior

A spare space dedicated to brain work

Getting the last supper together at El Bulli (photo by Howard Sooley)
The last supper at El Bulli
beetroot and yoghurt meringue
tomato cookie
air baguette
mojito - caipirinha sugar cane
mojito and apple baguette
gin fizz
spherical olives
mimetic peanuts
pistachio ravioli
parmesan cheese "porra"
parmesan cheese "macaron"
gorgonzola balloon
olive oil chip
flowers paper
golden egg
steamed shrimps with tea
roses with ham wonton and melon water
ham and ginger canape
Japanese ravioli
soy matches
nori ravioli with lemon
asparagus with miso
oysters and bone marrow tartar
parmesan frozen air with muesli
carbonara tagliatelle
caviar cream with hazelnut caviar
pine nuts shabu shabu
"perrechico" cake
polenta gnocchi with coffee, safran, skin milk and capers
tender almonds perfumed with truffle
barnacle with caviar
two cooking prawns
lulo "ceviche" and mollusk
clam "ceviche"
Oaxaca "taco"
"gazpacho" and "ajo blanco"
peas 2011
sea cucumber
Shanghai lobster
hare fritter
game meat cappuccino
blackberry risotto with game meat sauce
hare ravioli with bolognese and blood
yoghurt blini
"coca de vidre" – crystal cake
mini donuts
apple rose
The box - final course at El Bulli (photo from

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