Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Good bye High heels

Goodbye high heels! Well, goodbye heels.  They're hardly high compared to the foot killers the young girls wear now. My final three pairs are on their way to the Angel Shop.

Three pairs of shoes - each for one of life's great events. The purple shoes I wore to a wedding in Las Vegas. I attended this with low expectations and but it was a wonderful event.  A flower filled chapel, an entertaining JP, followed by a lovely dinner in a small flower-filled private dining room with a cellist providing the music.

The black strapped shoes went to a few cocktail parties, mostly business but they stood by and ushered in a fun New Year's Eve or two.

The nun-like shoes were mostly work shoes - I wore them at trade shows and for traveling. The last event I remember wearing them to was my sister's funeral, sitting in the family pew at the front of the church looking down at my feet, wishing it was all a bad dream.

Looking at them now, they might as well be stilts for all that I could manage wearing them. I slipped one pair on and staggered down my hallway, bouncing from wall to wall, trying to keep from breaking my ankles in a foolish experiment. So much for that!


  1. Boy, do I identify! I had the exact same black strap ones. I loved them. They've gone to rest at the Angel Shop already. Yours will join them there. Love the purple ones, too.
    Shoes do have stories and you made me remember some.
    Those same black shoes took their last steps in San Sebastian, Spain.
    I wore them out to dinner assuming I wouldn't have to walk far in them as we would surely be taking cabs. But, alas, our dinner host thought it would be fun to walk back to the hotel. It was only about 5 or 6 blocks....of excruciating pain!!!.

  2. Ha. Wouldn't it have been a coincidence if I had taken mine to San Sebastian too...and to Arzak?? Twin pair - separated at birth. Aren't those sort of cobbly sidewalks too?