Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Shopping for Valentines

Valentine's Day brings out the worst in me. Probably a hangover from elementary school when there was so much tension about who would give you a valentine. Do we ever get over this stuff? I don't think I have. I guess that's why The Encyclopedia of Immaturity appeals to me.
To make sure the heart isn't broken due to rejection, I try to select a Valentine's gift with a sense of humor. Humor trumps romance every time. My husband is getting a pack of I love You gum and also the inflatable heart. You can pump it up or deflate it as the mood fits.

I'm not sure he'll think the genital hand sanitizer is funny - if not I can always give it to Beth, who will find an appropriate home for it.

The cats have been wanting a DJ rig, so they get this:
Bust a move and get our DJ Cat Scratch Turntable so your alley cat can start scratching and grooving!  Your cat’s natural ability to spin and scratch will shine when you place this on the floor!  Check out the hook while your kitty revolves it!
You can get all this and more at: 

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