Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two Bright Lights

What is it about construction contractors? I don't care what trade it is or if times are good or bad. From my experience I can say that most of them lie routinely, do grievous things and ask for forgiveness later, cut every corner possible and rarely show up on time or even on the same day as promised. Over the past three years, I dare not estimate how much time I've spent sitting around waiting for no-shows.

This past week almost made up for those "insults". I had a floor re-finisher show up on time, give me a reasonable bid, show up the next day to do the job and do a fine job.  I'd highly recommend Preferred Flooring for any floor work you need done.

Likewise Manny Menendez who did all of our tile work. He too shows up on time and does a great job for a decent price.

Two lights in a dark forest. 

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