Friday, April 20, 2012

Busy Neighbors

Large goat looking at me.
Next door, 50 goats are at work mowing down the weeds.  They're noisy -  ripping off the vegetation, chewing it up, scrambling around on the hills, farting and bleating. Unused to seeing people, they spend their days wandering 40 plus acres with only a goat herd for company. He uses a long stick which he mostly leans on while standing around but he knows the crucial gestures that make the herd change direction. A guy gets a lot of thinking time on a job like that. I nudged action out of the herd by just moving my camera up and down - pretty heady stuff. I can see why herding dogs are so into it.  

Large goat has moved along due to expert camera move.
I'll add "Goat Herdress" to my list of possible post retirement careers. Being promoted from "Laborer" to "Grove Goddess" was a pretty big move for me. Sleeping with the big boss has it's rewards. Although we're still working out the new job description, pulling weeds and digging holes will probably stay in it. New cards for me are coming from Vista print!

There is no rest around here. My fava beans came dangerously close to perishing today. An emergency transfusion was necessary a few hours ago as they were listing to the left and adroop in the hot sun. I think they're saved, but only by a squeak. The lazy cats sat by licking their bums and  watching the beans sag lower and lower. Clearly I need an assistant Grove Goddess but Richard thinks I'm building up an unnecessary bureaucracy. The top guy has always to worry about a bloodless coup.

Barely revived fava bean.
Meanwhile, politics aside, the place smells divine. Our "back forty" is loaded with sweet peas Richard cultivated and which have naturalized over the years. We've cut off armload size bouquets and there's still thousands left. The bees are happy. 
Sweet peas. I need a haircut. TG for soft focus.



  1. Did you know that today's Sepia Saturday's theme is gardening? You should post this. It's perfect...and fascinating! Do the goats belong to your neighbor or are they hired hands? I've always loved the idea of hiring goats to mow your lawn (or field). I love it when animals have jobs instead of becoming food. Your sweetpeas look great. Better keep those goats away!

  2. Look at all those beautiful flowers!