Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Norway Cruising

Gather round boys. There's a bulletin.
You're going where?
We're planning a trip to Amsterdam followed by a cruise up the coast of Norway. In Amsterdam, where the cruise begins, we've rented this apartment for five days. 

The apartment is owned by the proprietess of the clothing shop in the store beneath. Across the street from a canal, it has a nice view - a change from our everyday view of the avocado grove. The building is at the intersection of several busy streets at the edge of the Jordaan district. Restaurants are abundant nearby and we can walk to the museums we are interested in re-visiting, primarily the Rijksmuseum.

Then we board a Costa cruise boat for the Norwegian fjords.When a Gallup poll once asked 200 people from each of 12 countries to rank themselves in terms of culture, food, living standards, natural beauty, female beauty, joi de vivre and national pride, the Norwegian group gave themselves top marks in every category. A nation with great self esteem. These are the ports of call.





I hope we're lucky enough to get the kind of weather shown in these photos. Hellesylt gets around 80 inches of rain a year - the likelihood of sunny skies is slim. We'll be in Leknes (not pictured) around the 1st of June when the sun doesn't go down. It drops down to the horizon, disappears for a minute or two and then starts to rise again.

Let's hide. I hate Lutefiske.




  1. My favorite museum. I always end up in a heated discussion with myself regarding the comparable merits of the Rembrandts versus the Vermeers.

    As a pragmatic ex degenerate I also thought that it was brilliant to locate the pannikoken (pancake shops) right next door to the "coffee" shops in case of a radical blood sugar drop. Rijkstaffel, the Hortus botanical gardens, the tulip barge, what a fantastic city.

    If I may comment on a prior post, I hate snakes and commend you for not being squeamish.

  2. What a nice idea travelling to the old Europe! ;)

  3. what a trip. can't imagine the kitties don't want to stow away. Norway is just full of fish, lute or otherwise.
    When you pass by Bergen, say hello to our ancestors.
    Have a wonderful time. And blog lots while you're away so we can join in the fun.