Friday, June 13, 2014

Bhutan Tiger's Nest Monastery Climb - Balance Challenge

Tiger's Nest Monastery in Bhutan is now on our travel agenda.

Preparing for the long trek up the mountain, I'm working on building up my stamina. The climb requires decent balance (no railings in several spots)* and I wonder if my chronic dizziness will prevent me from making a complete ascent. Halfway up there's a cafeteria and that'll be my goal. Meanwhile I'm trudging up and down my staircase at home aiming for completion of 800 stairs (50 flights) on the upwards treads in two hours. Boring as heck on my staircase, clumpety clump, clump, but I can imagine it will be a thrill on the mountainside. The curious cat followed me up a couple of times today but quickly stopped and just watched, finally opting for a nap. I didn't last very long either before my thigh muscles were twitching and protesting. 

This National Geographic photo was taken on a splendid day. In reality, you can encounter rain, which means slippery stairs and mud. In September we can expect 14 days of rainfall; the average for the month is 7.6 inches. We have one shot at the climb and will be prepared to bail out if conditions aren't good. En route to Bhutan from Kathmandu we fly over the Himalayas. If it's clear we should be able to see Everest.

* What a way to go! Falling off a cliff in Bhutan climbing up to the Tiger's Nest Monastery. Beats dying in bed or in your living room.


  1. Uh, I kind of prefer dying in my own bed. I'd really be angry with myself if I was the cause of my own demise by struggling up a hill only to die from a slip. I guess I don't have an adventurous soul when it comes to travel and physical challenges.

  2. Please don't die!
    Are you sure about this trip???
    P.S. It does look pretty spectacular!