Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Gambling Gains

Our neighbors threw a Preakness Party May 17th. Richard and I both drew California Chrome out of a hat and turned out to be big winners - $185.00. Winnings are donated to charity and we picked the Acoustic Neuroma Association to be our beneficiaries.  At the 3-2 odds on Chrome, at the race track we would have had to bet $360.00 on the horse to win, in order to get $545.00 and net $185.00. For a 2.00 bet. 

Will Chrome win the Belmont Stakes? My guess is that he's going to be a triple crown winner. 
I might put a $100 bet on him and add the scant winnings to the $185.
Money from my various neighbor's piggy banks
After some controversy the horse gets to wear his horsey nose bandage. Instead of betting on the horse, it might be smarter to buy stock in Breathe Right, that would be  GlaxoSmithKline. It paid a 4.8% dividend this year. However, the horse breathing strips are another matter made by another company. Called Flair Equine Strips, they were invented by a couple of smart veterinarians. From what I can gather, it looks like a privately held company. 
Horse Nasal strip

California Chrome. What a great horse!

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