Wednesday, March 23, 2016


What's left to do? I guess you can spit. Everyplace else there seems to be signs saying "no spitting."

From the Ghandi home...such a wise man.

Mini dioramas in Ghandi house tell all of Ghandi's major life events.
Cloth drying at the Dhobhi Ghat, a giant outdoor laundry, where factory-made shirts are washed, along with the laundry from one and two-star hotels and "lower class" hospitals. You might find these red shirts in Target or Walmart. They're labelled, put in plastic and sent back to the factories after the work is completed at the Ghat. It looks like a horrible job, but our guide tells us they are paid well, get good medical care etc., probably because of tourist interest, the cynic in me thinks.

Victoria Terminus, main train station.

Magnificent floral arrangements at the Taj, changed every day.

At the Ghandi house.
More views of the Ghat.

Fruit man at Crawford Market.
Dabbawallas, taking a break from work, eating out of their own tiffin boxes. They deliver hot lunches everyday, hundreds of thousands of them almost mistake free. You can tell them by their white caps. 


  1. "Eatables are not allowed."

  2. It's so fun to travel with you (vicariously).

  3. Did you put that white scarf on Ghandi? I'll bet it wasn't allowed!