Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

Last nights crudités course at Pamplemousse.We're reflected in the mirror.

The mountains emerged from a blanket of clouds, covered in snow.


We had a very early dinner at the B and B restaurant before the O show. Grilled octopus is their signature dish. It was divine.

The beet salad with persimmons, walnuts and ricotta salata was excellent.

Me enjoying the great service.
Richard...doing the same.

After the O show, dizzy from all the went awry but I like the photo anyway.


Hassan,our Uber guy,  drove us the mile and a quarter trip from the Bellagio to the Venetian,
Thanks for choosing Uber, Helen
December 24, 2016 | uberX | Surge x1.2 
09:07pm | 3600 Bellagio Dr, Las Vegas, NV
09:19pm | 3377 S Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV
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Trip time 
Merry Christmas Eve!

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  1. the salad looks great, but not sure about the octopus.