Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas in Lost Wages

Our little Christmas getaway to Las Vegas started out with a 7 hour drive through heavy traffic to get here. There was a large accident and fatality near Baker and then the inevitable side accidents that occur when people get crazy and start driving down the shoulder, looking loo-ing, and get distracted. Richard drives well in the dark. He actually prefers it as he claims the lit-up cars and traffic directions are easier to see. I don't get it as I get dizzy and disoriented (vestibular problems from my tumour).

Our room is spacious and well appointed and we have a birds eye view from floor 24. Can't escape Mr. Trump these days.

 We skidded into Luke's Lobster last night just in time to get two sandwiches before they closed the stand. We carried
our shopping bag into a little food court in the shopping centre and gobbled those babies down. Yes, they were just as good as the DC sandwiches. Richard went back for seconds but it was closed. 


In the near-empty Venetian mall, we discovered the Bauman's Rare Book store. Beautifully presented books in an elegant ambience. Gifts for serious collectors or for those who have everything.


We went into one of the endless shopping centres to see the decorations. Lines for Santa photos were long.





Ate at a small french restaurant,  Pamplemousse - cute and cozy. Great service. Richard's lamb shank was excellent. The chocolate soufflĂ© was good- I'd forgotten how good they are.

Took our first Uber rides to and from the restaurant. I can see why Uber is so was efficient, fast and cheap. 
Our first driver was a jujutsu teacher from Brazil who met his American wife at Carnivale. The second driver was a young man who spent two years and thirty thousand dollars at a university which turned out to be non-accredited. He said he'd learned a lot from the experience. I hope so.

Uber driver 1.

Uber driver 2.

After your Uber ride you get an email with all the details of your trip with a map of where you traveled, times of pick-up and drop-off and a picture of your driver!

Tomorrow we go to the Mob Museum and to the Cirque du Soleil show Love.

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  1. Uber sounds great. do you think there are any uber drivers in fallbrook?