Friday, January 12, 2018


We're tugged into every port. As our room is at the extreme aft of the ship, they're usually right below our veranda. I enjoy watching them work.

The fishing boats are always loaded.

Apparently these Arabic sails have been around for centuries.

Hundreds, maybe over a thousand people boarded this ferry. People streamed on and off, carrying boxes, suitcases, babies, strollers, bales, briefcases. With our telephoto lens we could see they were crowded. Now, when a ferry sinks and hundreds drown, I can visualize how it can happen.

Too many people. Period.

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  1. Megan posted photos of those very similar ancient sail boats they saw in Madagascar. Glad you didn't have to take that ferry. Looks really scary. I immediately thought of the sinking ferries we hear so much about.