Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Sri Lanka

On a walking tour of Colombo, we met a delightful young Russian woman touring on her own. She takes photos of little Siamese cats she carries in a small box. She poses them in interesting or iconic locations. Here, we were at the Galle Face Hotel, the Grand Dame hotel of Colombo. The car is the first car Prince Philip ever purchased. Richard took the photo of me taking the photo of Daria taking the photo of her cats. Daria has been everywhere—spends all her free time on the road. She had some interesting travel suggestions for us, if a little vigorous for people our age. After spending so much time with old people, it was refreshing to be with her.

I loved the hotel with it's spare design. I know it's not comfortable but it was so easy on the eyes after so much visual stimulation and after feeling crowded and buried in clutter in our small cabin on the ship.
We were in Colombo ten years ago. You wouldn't recognize it as the same place today. 

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