Saturday, March 17, 2018

Sepia Saturday 410. Umbrellas and Rainy Days


My umbrella memories are mostly happy. I'm sticking with happiness even though the photo prompt recalls a horrible time in our past. 

In Switzerland with friends. we'd been eating for days -fondues and raclette. It was wonderful but we were stuffed like geese ready to be converted into foie gras. 

Saris, steps, umbrellas and rain. It was very hot and humid near Madurai in S. India. We welcomed the drop of a few degrees in temperature. I think you can feel a vibe in this photo that's far from a "rainy day" mood. People were cheerful and nobody was running out of the drizzle. I think they, like us, were enjoying it.

 I added the rain using Lunapic. 

 This is a watery effect and a crop.

Lunapic is like a time-sucking trap for me. There are hundreds of effects available and they're easy to try and discard. I can spend an hour or two with a single photo. Last one--a reflection. 

This beautiful, moody photo came around on Facebook without attribution. 

 It was boiling hot in Jodhpur on this particular day. We climbed up several many staircases to reach this viewpoint. I was gasping in the background taking the photo. Richard, part mountain goat, wasn't even breathing heavily.
Last, my favorite of all umbrellas, the Indonesian variety. And my favorite Bali villa in Srinigar, a heavenly place to stay for a while. 

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  1. Wonderful choices and your effects are mesmerizing. I'd never thought about how delightful rain must feel in a hot climate like India. These animated still images are a fascinating 21st medium.

  2. Ooooo . . . I'd like to jump right into that last photo! How gorgeous. And lucky you to be able to play around with Lunapic. What crazy fun. :)

  3. I've never used lunapic. I especially like the rain falling up there.

  4. Yes indeed a dark time. Your post although a bit of rain (the woman and her dog)is my favorite but all in all it's an uplifting post!

  5. You are an adventurous traveller. haven't been to India but I can can imagine the rain comes down in torrents, as per your photo effect. And of course, umbrellas are excellent for shade as well as rain.

  6. Love the colorful saris and umbrellas in India. Thanks for having a good time at Lunapic for our benefit.

  7. I enjoyed the umbrellas and your playing with photo effects...the falling rain my favorite.

  8. A Mountain Goat with checked shirt!
    A Great Spread of photos.
    I must that you for introducing me to Lunapic ,a neat set of effects.