Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Sepia Saturday 412: Paula and Pip



Our Sepia Saturday theme this week is a real beauty - incorporating travel, luggage, dogs and competitions. You could also include curtains, tables, and decapitated hands (if that is not a contradiction in terms). 

My closest match this week features my sister-in-law Paula with her dog Pip. Pip wins prizes at dog shows. Paula was a winner in 2017 for her newsletter for the dog club. They’re quite a pair.
Pip and her older sibling Min. So, it’s not a suitcase like the prompt photo but the dogs are in an unexpected place. If Paula did take a suitcase out of the closet, I’d bet the two dogs would be right there.

Here's a couple more photos of Anne Finlayson, beauty queen. She's wearing a fur stole in the photo below. 

This may be my favorite photo of the PNE exhibition where Anne was named Miss PNE. They all have almost identical dresses from the back. All were the same dyeable pumps (I think). The photo, like of life at that time, was dominated by a man crossing the stage. A metaphor, of sorts. 

 It's been a sad week around here thinking about my good friend Valdyn Jonina Anderson who died of cancer after a long illness. I always think of her frozen in time at 17 or so as one of our high school cheerleaders.  May she rest in peace. 

And finally Pip, truly a beauty in her dog show categories. She doesn't need a fur stole or a crown to look regal and like a winner. 

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  1. Something was wrong with your link on SS...but I found you anyway! Lovely pups!

  2. Pip and Min in the tub needs a caption - “What-chu looking at.”

    Sorry for the loss of your friend.

  3. My fav' photo is of Pip and Min in the tub. So cute. Pip really is a lovely dog. The shot of the beauty would-be queens in identical pumps and short late '50s-'60s dresses reminds me of how much I liked those dresses. Of course I was a young adult at that time and wore those dresses, but personally I think we looked better in those than anything else that has come along since!

  4. I also like the Pip and Min tub photo. You can tell these dogs are well used to posting for the camera, even in the most unlikely places. Condolences on the loss of your friend Valdyn.

  5. Pip is a beautiful dog and obviously bonds well with Min. I like your joyous photo of your late friend. A lovely way to memorialise your friendship.

  6. Love the bathtub photo.

  7. In my experience dogs do not readily get in a bathtub without a lot of persuasion. They get OUT very easily though. That's a fine photo of your friend. Sometimes old mates do seem frozen in time.

  8. You did a fine job with the prompt! Pip is certainly a handsome dog. Love the older photos and the precious one of your dear friend.

  9. I forgot to say condolences on the death of Valdyn. I also lost an old high school friend to cancer this month. These are among the brave women of our times.