Monday, March 26, 2012

Can't win

    Golf Dream

    Smiling she teed her white ball.
    She hit it hard.  Soaring and slicing
    the ball crashed into the rough. She plunged into the shady shrubs and weeds.
    Twigs scratched; insects sucked.
    The men yelled "Hurry up!", "Let us play through".
    Curses rang out about women on the course.
    She gave up and left the ball.

    On the second tee, she used her bright orange ball.
    "A gentler swing", they said. Her head was down.
    Into the rough it sliced . She sprayed
    on Off and scurried after it.
    The men yelled, "Hurry up!". "Let us play through".
    She found the ball quickly and got back on course.

    The third time her arm was straight, her head down,
    her feet planted squarely. Everything they told her.
    The lime green ball hit, skipped and deflected into the rough.
    She walked in relishing the cool and quiet.
    The men yelled, "Hurry up!". "Let us play through".
    "Rough?", she thought.."It's rougher out there".  
    She found her ball easily but walked slowly back on

    On tee four, she used a bright pink ball. A hole in one!
    "Screw them" she thought as she smiled, smoothly scooped up her ball
    and went home. 

    As she walked away she could hear the men...shouting:

     "Hurry up!". "Let us play through".
     "Hurry up!". "Let us play through".
     "Hurry up!". "Let us play through".

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