Friday, March 09, 2012

Fruit Bats in Sydney

Travel Notes: December 2010

"What was that?" we asked Robert as we stood in the dark outside their house on the surburban Sydney street. The air moved rapidly across our heads and we could hear a swooshing sound echoing back and forth, at first quite loud, then diminishing and finally disappearing at the end of the road. "Ah...the fruit bats", he replied casually, "They shit all over the cars." It was an everyday nuisance for him but a wonder for us.

Bird Park Bali

We'd seen these creatures in Bird Parks most recently in Bali. They're impressively huge, looking almost like trash bags slung over the trees. Also known as Old World Bats, Flying Foxes or my favorite - Megabats. The largest reach 16" in length, attain a wing span of 4.9 feet and can weigh as much as 2.2 pounds. 

They get your attention as they fly overhead and I'm sure inspire some colorful curses when cars get splattered.  


  1. oh, those look pretty scary. Wouldn't want one shitting on my car!

  2. Me, too. (or me, neither).