Sunday, March 18, 2012

Knit leggings

Writing about uncomfortable knit clothing reminded me of these "leggings" we used to wear as kids. Looking at the loose knit I have no idea how we stayed warm at -20 or -30, but I guess we did. As if these leggings weren't ugly enough, there's the hat. It's a wonder I'm not more neurotic than I am.

The best thing about this photo is my fat cat Sandy whose head was bigger than mine at this point.  As he didn't have leggings he didn't go out in the cold and probably just lounged around eating all the time. He sure looks better than me.


  1. I have an idea that those hats trapped the warm air coming from your head - why else would anyone want a hat like that?? Tall chef's hats exploit the same principal except to keep the head cool.

    I remember those "leggings" being almost solid with packed snow. Pounds of it weighing you down. The clothing was heavy too. I'm grateful for today's light stuff that keeps you so much warmer - like Gore-Tex.

  2. Wow, that is one fat cat but I think you're both cute. Not sure about the leggings!