Monday, March 05, 2012

My Piano Tells All

Here I am in my home for a dozen years. 
Two very nice men came to take me to my new home the other day. I've been in the same place for a dozen years and since the books all found new homes, I've been lonely.  I was so worried about the trip. But it took the fellows only about 10 minutes to get me ready.  I liked the way they wrapped me up and strapped me together so I'd be safe on the ride - I'm a little arthritic and big bumps would be hard to take.  I didn't like having my legs screwed off! 

The two guys have worked together for 30 years and still like each other enough to play golf on their days off. I heard them say that during these recessionary years their business has dropped to only 15 stops a day. At their peak, they did 25 stops each day - a stop being to pick up or deliver a piano. Most of their day is spent traveling to each stop in the cab of the truck together amiably passing the time.
I got a little dizzy when they tipped me over.

They're taking my legs off!
There's my ride!
And away we go!
Bye bye house. It was great to experience a trip up  the walkway. 
Looks like I'll be riding first class.    
As we were leaving town I saw this terrible truck ahead of us. All that poor stuff was sloppily piled in the back - not even a bungee cord to hold it all down. Only one tail light was shining back at us - it was really unsafe. I had a terrible thought that a piano might be riding underneath all that junk!!! The poor thing.  

What if there's a piano in there???


  1. This made me sad!!!

  2. So if they are making 15 stops a day (with a stop being either picking up or dropping off a piano), who's piano is it that they are keeping?

  3. I didn't get it either...these guys were really nice and must have a huge stash of pianos or they're actuarial statisticians and know something about 15 that we don't.