Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kyoto, April 12th.

Dancers at Kyoto Imperial Palace.

More cherry blossoms.
At Fushimi Inari Shrin..
Knives in Nishiki market.
Shinto shrine at Kiyomizu-dera.

Happy squid-on-a-stick eaters at Nishiki market. A quail egg is stuffed into the head. 

Zen garden...
Angry cat at Nishiki market.


  1. So many great the knives, the shinto shrine, really awesome hotel. are you sleeping in the cubicle?

  2. The squid on a stick trumps the melons. Now that I see your photo of the zen garden, I'm thinking that's a better alternative than succulents for water free type of landscaping. Seems like it wouldn't take much care at all. Once you have it set up, that's it. Unless, of course, a big wind comes up, then you have to rake all over again. hmmm. Not sure.

  3. How are your hiking boots doing? Have you seen any of those "pet-and-play-with-cats" shops, that I think I told you about?