Monday, April 21, 2014

Making our beds.
My patient fellow hikers have been great about waiting for me to catch up. 
The path is speckled so you can select the correct way.
Mountain vegetable, in season. Delicious.

Bamboo drooping in the rain.

Flailing away. 
Little coffee in these old inns but tomorrow morning we'll all be lined up for the "morning shot", hot out of the vending machine.
None of the guys were interested in the "face" pants.
And another great meal. Oddest dish for us was a horseradish cake with melted cheese on top. Couldn't give it away. Tomorrow is the hardest day...up and down, but mostly up for 24 km. 


  1. Great pics! The horse radish cake sounds, well, gross. Deb must be having a caffeine fit by now. I can't imagine vending machine coffee that compares favorably to Peet's.

  2. I think you're flailing quite nicely! I'm having trouble keeping up with you...even just on the blog!