Monday, April 14, 2014


The train trip to Nara this morning was short...too short. We got off at the wrong station and had to re-board another train to make the complete trip. Our guide Kikuyo was very sweet and efficient. In 6 hours we got around to most of the big sights of the city and enjoyed dodging deer all the way. The Nara deer wander around all over the place, poking their heads into shop doors looking for handouts.

It was a "biggest" day - largest wooden structure in the world and largest buddha in Japan, neither of which photograph well. Instead here's the deer....

About 1500 deer wander the streets...150 per year die in traffic accidents. Their blood line dates back hundreds of year. 
The city  mascot.
Green tea ice cream with convenient cone rest.

Temple with 3000 lanterns lit twice a year. Must be some job!
Love wishes..

More lanterns.
The largest wooden structure is very impressive in person, but a yawn in a photo. 
And a replica of the buddha's hand.


  1. That last photo of the "finger" is too funny. Also that city mascot - how weird - We didn't get a buddha photo but this guy will suffice. He actually kind of looks like Buddha.
    Looks like you're having a very enriching, educational and delicious time. Keep the blogs coming.

  2. You wouldn't think the Buddha would give the finger!