Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Governor's Residence Dinner

Lovely paintings by local artists line the walls at the Governor's Residence.

Unplanned, we went over to the mansion to see the grounds but not to eat. The dining room looked so lovely and the menu inviting. We decided to stay for a light dinner. Expensive for Yangon, the food was excellent and service impeccable. 

Cigars are very popular in Mayanmar...we've taken to enjoying one after our dinners. Tonight will be the last as we return to no smoking land and our regular lives tomorrow. It's a long trip back: 5 1/2 hours from Yangon to Seoul. An 8 hour layover followed by 11 more hours on United to SFO. Finally the last hop to San Diego. What we endure to use up our frequent flyer mileage but should we complain about free business class tickets?


  1. So maybe you ought to pack some of those cigars in your luggage. Might help with jet lag when you return home. Ya never know.

  2. That painting is gorgeous.
    Cigar smoking is not allowed in the book club...luckily