Wednesday, September 03, 2014

Thimphu Butan

Pink lady..
Taksin, the national animal.
Art student.

On the road above Thimphu valley. A perfect day.
Another huge Buddha.
Ladies praying and doing the rounds of the stupa.
Nuns hard at work. 
The dogs conk out anywhere and everywhere around Thimphu.
The national shoe. Decided I didn't need a pair. 
Art students taking a break.

Lunch today. Rice, rice, potatoes, fiddle head ferns, chilis and cheese.

A flock of  monks. We listened to them chant for while. 
You see these crazy mannekins all over Asia. 
Our rooms at the Hotel Druk are lovely. 


  1. I can't believe you didn't buy those boots. You would be such a hit at the next book club. That hotel is unbelievable. Who knew there was such luxury in that part of the world? Not me. And of course I love the mannequin photo.

  2. Does that dog have no shame?
    Oh, that hotel room!
    Oh, that mannequin!
    Oh, that tee shirt! etc.