Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Riding the Circular Train Yangon

The people we met on the train were delightful. Kids are always eager to meet and talk with us.Our fancy first class compartment had a fan on the ceiling and the car was painted yellow. 

We boarded the train at the Insein (pronounced like "insane") Station near the airport in Yangon and rode for 45 minutes to the station nearest our hotel. The traffic is horrible in Yangon - almost grid lock and we were able to avoid too much sitting and waiting in the van by using the train. Sitting in traffic has become a fact of life in this city - it isn't a pretty picture. Most of the charm of the place has been eradicated by the never-ending horn honking and spewing exhaust fumes. Too bad.

At the end of the train ride we rewarded ourselves with a Yangon donut. The seller cut the donut into little segments with scissors, then drizzled palm sugar syrup over them. We brushed the flies away and dug in...they were delicious. 

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