Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Ferry Ride to Dalat

We met the gentleman pictured above in the ferry waiting room on the way to Dalat. He attended Georgia Tech in the 50's then returned to Burma to marry and live the rest of his life. He knew several people who were on the faculty teaching food science, but they were before my time. A charming man, he bought us a bag of hard cooked quail eggs for a treat and then rode around just ahead of us on our rickshaw tour. 

You're never very far away from a watermelon salesman in Myanmar...there seems to be one on every corner. 

Betel leaf salesman (above photo) sells a couple of wads for a dime. Betel leaf with lime, a flavored powder and a liquid, folded over a couple of times. Chewing is a pretty disgusting sight no matter where and when it's done. A couple of guys were hawking and spitting right next to us on the ferry. Takes the edge of  your appetite. 

Salesmen on the ferry boat are like late night TV, loud and persuasive.

Crowds boarding the ferry. 

Yes, we did the corny tourist thing - driven around on a rickshaw. It was a fun way to
see the local scene.

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  1. How come your rickshaw is equipped with flowers?