Monday, October 20, 2014

Closing the trapeze act

Although requests for performances continue to flood in, the Flying McHargues regret that their act has been retired. The Flying McHargues Fly no more!

I had to tell someone today that I no longer ride a bike because of Acoustic Neuroma related balance problems. Just for fun, I told her we stopped our trapeze act as well. There was a moment's hesitation and so for clarification I thought I should make an official announcement. 


  1. I guess the not so fat lady sings...

  2. Hmm. I no longer ride a bike because I don't want to get killed. It's not even safe to cross a street on foot around here. (Maybe I would reconsider if I lived in the sticks.)

  3. Did you do that wonderful cartoon? I love Richards feet! I didn't even know you rode a bike!
    I'm glad you don't anymore. It seems like there's a bike accident in the paper every night.
    And I'm really glad you quit the trapeze act, although I would have liked to see it once before the end.