Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Cape Verde

Our day in the port at Cape Verde was splendid. Jocelyn, our guide, met us at the port entrance and swept us away in a van which could seat 12. With only four of us, plus her and the driver, we had plenty of room and it was easy to get on and off. Our tour companions are fit and no special problems to deal with.

We stopped at a couple of beautiful beaches, drove to the top of the island for the view and then had lunch in a Cape Verdian home. The idea of lunch in a private home was bothering us a bit, as we didn't know what to expect, but it turned out to be fine. The hostess prepared a kind of stew, the national dish, made from pork, fish, manioc, carrots and peppers. 

Cape Verde is very dry and little grows there. They plant corn and hope for rain. This year, it didn't look like they were going to get much. There's no industry in the country and little opportunity for the young and ambitious; most of them leave for education and work in Europe. About 50% unemployment means a lot of people just sit around, according to our guide. The little business being conducted is done by the Chinese or West Africans. The place has a laid back feel like the Caribbean. 

Main city, Mindelo on Sao Vicente.
Poncho, the local drink, made of a kind of rum and fruit juice. They pour into emply bottles and sell it in the markets. 

Jewelry made from Nespresso pods. 

Lovely beach in front of condos, virtually empty of occupants. 
Lunch in the Cape Verdian home.

Eels and flies in the fish market. 

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