Thursday, November 05, 2015

Funchal, Madeira

First stop on this cruise was Funchal, Madeira. A beautiful island with terraces running up the hills; every square inch covered with something but principally grape vines and bananas.  Mist and clouds swirled around the mountain peaks giving the place a Shangri La like feeling. We'd come back and stay awhile.

Plastic baby Jesus' are very popular. Three types were widely found : Jesus, shrink-wrapped on a cradle made of grain, Jesus with his hands wrapped in plastic, like boxing gloves (I guess the hands break off easily) and Jesus with no plastic wrap and no diapers but with the price tags on his privates, for modesty. All the plastic Jesus' had Fonzi hair styles with that curl-thing in the front.
Finally, a Madeira tasting couldn't be passed up.


  1. Beautiful place. Enjoy the Madeira.

  2. Poor Jesus. I don't think he'd like the price tag on his "you know what".
    Otherwise it looks beautiful there.