Sunday, November 01, 2015


Last night at the Concertgeboew for Mozart's Jupiter. Young conductor Josh Weilerstein was a joy to watch. He was born in 1987... I really do have shoes older than that boy. 

Intermission or Pauze in Dutch. Everyone was in the foyers drinking champagne. Although it was a full house, everything ran smoothly...coat check, getting into seats, getting the champagne glasses around to the crowd. There are no seat ushers because they aren't necessary...seating identification is simple: row and seat number.  No right and left, no AA's BB's, no odds in one row, evens in next etc. You can simply find your seat, without help. People are polite, patient and gracious. Is it just this audience? 

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  1. OMG- so many new posts!!! I haven't been keeping up. I assumed you'd be too busy traveling to be posting. Was I ever wrong! I'm going to go get out of my robe and start reading. It's 8:00 Saturday morning.
    They serve champagne at intermission? Seats are easy to find? Everyone's nice and a young conductor . I assume even the music was good. Wish I was there!