Friday, November 06, 2015

Santa Cruz de la Palma, Spain

Balconies are beautiful on the Isla de las Palma. Most are covered with cascading vines and trailing plants. It's lovely to think about sitting on them back in the 16th century enjoying the breeze coming off the ocean. Lovely, until you read that there was a little walled off bit at the end of the balcony that was used as a bathroom. Waste dropped out from the bottom into the street. Yuck.
This is a modern balcony without a bathroom.

A walk through the mercado.

This woman was roasting hominy and she apparently hated her hat! And look...she's wearing a Canadian flag pin. Maybe she's a Canadian tourist who was kidnapped and forced into slave labor:) :)

Not a happy person. 

Massive ferns take the place of fountains in many of the squares.

Tomorrow, our port is Tenarife.

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  1. Did you find out why she had the Canadian pin? And are you sure they don't still use the walled off part of the balconies?
    Looks beautiful there!